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Honors Program Application

Submit a typed (i.e. .doc, .docx, .pdf) critical essay of 500-600 words in response to the following question. Essays must be received by February 9, 2018. Please note this application should only be submitted if you have already submitted your admission application materials to Le Moyne College.

What book, play, work of art, film, song, etc. has most influenced or affected you?  How have you changed as a result of your experience with this piece of literature, visual, or performing art?

Provide concrete supporting evidence from your own reading as you develop your argument or analysis. Your essay may be informal (e.g. you may speak in your own voice, use the first person, use humor or a light tone), but you should use standard English grammar and punctuation throughout. If you happen to consult, quote, paraphrase, or summarize any outside sources in writing the essay, be sure to mark direct quotations with quotation marks and to cite your sources!
Essay Submission

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